[A6A6I4] ====>

MEENAH: hes just reclamming souls who hangin around too long anyway
MEENAH: before i died i was already like i aint give a fuck about death much
MEENAH: i looked at it like life had a price of admission no one could afford
MEENAH: in the ticket takers eye theres no way you could ever earn your stay
MEENAH: so to stick around you gotta learn to steal
MEENAH: but shit catches up with all thieves in the end
MEENAH: even the great ones
MEENAH: i lived like death wasnt no thing
MEENAH: at all times overdue
MEENAH: a hard stop to being you
MEENAH: and only chumps arent fine with that
MEENAH: but then i die
MEENAH: and find out dying dont mean what little i thought it did
MEENAH: so all those spook eyed souls up there scared to death of double dyin?
MEENAH: fuck em
VRISKA: Peixes, have I ever told you, for a no-8ullshit fish princess, you sure have a way with words?
MEENAH: yeah youve kissed my ass before if thats what you askin

> [A6A6I4] ====>