[A6A6I4] ====>

VRISKA: Ooh, look!
VRISKA: Another space tragedy.
MEENAH: daamn
VRISKA: I will say this much. All the cosmic mayhem is really quite pretty.
VRISKA: Almost like the 8ig man out there is putting on a fireworks display, just for us.
MEENAH: lord muscleguy be thoughtful as fuck
VRISKA: How far do you think he'll go?
VRISKA: To find... who was it? His "kid sister"?
VRISKA: Is he really going to keep smashing the 8lack space forever until he finds her, til it's all gone?
VRISKA: Is it actually POSSI8LE to shatter a continuum that's theoretically infin8te?
MEENAH: shrug
VRISKA: Like I said. Got to admire the guy's determin8tion.
VRISKA: Still, I can't imagine he's led a very enjoya8le existence.
VRISKA: I mean, sure. May8e he THINKS he has. In the way that totally delusional, egomaniacal people tend to do.
VRISKA: I 8et he never had anyone in his life who was actually important to him.
VRISKA: Someone who could have helped him see that nothing is worth that kind of o8session.
VRISKA: That it's 8etter to just try and 8e happy.
MEENAH: poor skull guy 38(

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