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JADE: so getting back to the story
JADE: i take it from what you said about letting your guard down...
JADE: you believe this was how you died?
JANE: I'm almost certain of it.
JANE: I can remember nothing beyond that moment.
JANE: And if one of your friends managed to get the better of me, I have no doubt my death would have been just, considering the trouble I caused.
JADE: yeah...
JADE: likewise :\
CALLIOPE: do yoU remember who it was that killed yoU?
CALLIOPE: not to hoUnd yoU for details, bUt trivia like this tends to be historically important.
CALLIOPE: plUs, i woUld like to draw this scene. :u
JANE: I'm sorry. My memory of the incident overall is quite vague.
JANE: But it wouldn't surprise me if the one who dealt my fatal blow was the leader of the raid.

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