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JOHN: this is really confusing though.
JOHN: assuming you're right, and i am "busted" on having those feelings... and i'm not even saying you aren't.
JOHN: but...
JOHN: i thought humans weren't supposed to be able to feel stuff like that?
JOHN: like, perceive and feel romantic stuff, in the same way trolls do.
JOHN: because we're aliens to each other!
JOHN: well ok, humans can feel the gay stuff pretty often, i guess.
JOHN: i didn't think we could feel the spade stuff, though.
JOHN: i dunno, i just thought it was some screwy biological difference?
DAVE: nah i disagree
DAVE: both humans and trolls are emotionally versatile sentient beings that can feel many hells of different things
JOHN: you're probably right.
JOHN: you would know better than me, at least.
DAVE: thats always a smart fallback position btw
DAVE: especially on rap
DAVE: i could school you on rap too are you confused about rap
JOHN: no dave, i think i'm pretty squared away on rap.
JOHN: at least for now. :p
DAVE: so uh
DAVE: this has been a hell of a reminiscence so far
JOHN: yeah...
DAVE: seriously though i wasnt actually intending to fork this like instantaneously in the direction of some like
DAVE: legitimately sincere dialogue on fuckin sexuality and romance
DAVE: i didnt plan on this dude you gotta believe me
JOHN: i believe you!
JOHN: it's been cool though.
DAVE: yeah
DAVE: did we cover everything
JOHN: um...
JOHN: probably not?
JOHN: oh, right.
JOHN: you dated jade for a while, so there's that.
DAVE: whoa what
JOHN: i mean, dave sprite did.
DAVE: oh
JOHN: and of course i mean, the one from my time, obviously not the one from this time, who died i guess before that happened.
DAVE: right
JOHN: man, that still just seems... so sad.
JOHN: i guess even when you fix things, not everything can be perfect.
DAVE: yeah
DAVE: so
DAVE: howd that go
DAVE: me and jade
DAVE: or...
DAVE: him and jade
JOHN: ok, i guess.
JOHN: my sense was, it was kind of dramatic overall.
JOHN: i'm not sure it was the best relationship, probably because of dave sprite's uh...
JOHN: "unique issues".
DAVE: hmm
JOHN: but there were a lot of fun memories.
JOHN: i'll tell you about them some time. maybe when jade is awake, because i'm sure she'd want to know too!
DAVE: yeah

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