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ROXY: haha im sorry
ROSE: Sorry about what?
ROXY: for stammering an all being an agog grinning idiot
ROXY: i just cannot....
ROXY: actually believe u are real and here and alive and not dying and so am i!
ROXY: here with u i mean + sharin all those mentioned attributes
ROSE: I can't believe it either!
ROXY: i have so much to say...
ROXY: i think???
ROXY: even though i cant think of the stuff atm
ROSE: I know what you mean.
ROXY: i hope its ok if i just sit near u not bein 'specially articulate for a bit
ROSE: That is more than ok.
ROSE: As long as you are willing to similarly excuse the spectacular demise of my capacity for artful self-expression.
ROXY: omg!!!!
ROXY: ahahah youre dirk!
ROXY: wow wow i just caught it wow wow wow!
ROXY: you sound SO much like him oh my GOD thats too perf and cute :3
ROSE: Dirk?
ROXY: hahah i cant get over it now i cant unhear it...
ROXY: even your voice sounds kinda like his but its just... girl dirk
ROXY: lmao wow yes <3
ROSE: He sounds like a hell of a guy.
ROXY: ohh u have noo idea
ROSE: Well, I'm told he should be arriving here in a little while.
ROSE: If he's anything like Dave's late older brother, and if he's anything like me, which he apparently is, then this is when I'm guessing the real party will begin.
ROXY: im redy <|:)
ROSE: I want to know things about him.
ROSE: Such as, if he shares his elder counterpart's avarice for soft puppet ass.
ROSE: And if that, combined with his myriad, vaguely unsettling psychological peculiarities, could occupy a dedicated team of therapists for years.
ROXY: the answer is yes and yes
ROSE: Hmm.
ROSE: Knowing this amuses me, for some reason.
ROSE: But mainly, there are things I want to know about you.
ROSE: I presume there will be plenty of time later to hound my biological father for the dirt on his proclivities.
ROXY: whatta ya wanna know about me?
ROSE: Everything!
ROSE: I think the main difficulty in deciding what to ask is in sifting questions I would have for my mother, that is to say, the woman who raised me, from the questions I have for you.
ROXY: well i didnt raise u or anything but i can sincerely take a crack at both kindsa questions
ROSE: Do...
ROSE: You really like wizards?
ROXY: rose
ROSE: Yes?
ROXY: rose
ROXY: rooose
ROSE: ...
ROXY: i fucken
ROXY: wizzards
ROSE: I see.
ROSE: As odd as it sounds, that actually does go pretty far in letting me know something about both of you.
ROXY: oh?
ROSE: My relationship with her was complicated.
ROSE: But I've come to see that as mostly my fault. I was too young to understand her.
ROXY: i never even got the chance to misunderstand my mom
ROXY: or grownup you
ROXY: or... i mean i didnt get to misunderstand her IN PERSON
ROXY: more like as a legendary figure
ROXY: cause i grew up 400 years after she died
ROSE: Ah, right.
ROSE: I think I'm going to have to call the contest early. Yours is the more interesting biography, by quite a lot.
ROXY: not really!
ROXY: not to me at least... i was lonely
ROXY: i thought about her a lot to pass the time
ROXY: she was p amazing at least according to history
ROXY: she wrote hella books about wizards and rode a genocidal fat man down a waterfall of blood
ROSE: She wrote hella books about wizards?
ROXY: yeh!
ROXY: they were famous n good and everything
ROSE: It sounds like I fumbled into the wrong line of work.
ROSE: There's no money in this Sburb business.
ROSE: Well, there is. It just comes in incredibly stupid denominations, which are not particularly useful.
KANAYA: Do You Have Copies Of These Books
ROXY: ummmm yes!
ROXY: yes i do there are copies back on my planet
ROXY: assuming john didnt retcon them away like a book thiefin sneak!
KANAYA: I Would Really Love To Read Them Some Time If You Wouldnt Mind
ROXY: no not at all!
ROSE: By the way, this is Kanaya.
ROSE: Sorry for the combination of bad manners and general dumbfoundedness which precluded a more timely introduction.
ROXY: hey!
ROXY: thats a nice name and also ur pretty
KANAYA: Thank You
KANAYA: I Admire The Aesthetics Of Your Name And Appearance As Well And In No Small Part Due To Their Respective Similarity To Your Daughters
ROXY: wow man that was somehow both a convoluted thing to say yet smooth as hell
ROXY: m impressed
ROSE: Welcome to Maryam City, population, a whole lot of great remarks like that.
ROXY: but yes ill get u those books!
ROXY: theyre great they made me wanna write my own wizard books
ROSE: Did you?
ROXY: errr
ROXY: yeah sorta :\
ROSE: Could I read them?
ROXY: ummmm
ROSE: Hey, you got to read mine!
ROXY: yeah but u were like an old pro when u wrote yours!
ROXY: they won pulizters and shit
ROSE: Did they really??
ROXY: um idk probably?
ROXY: i dunno they are just vry vry good
ROXY: so the ancient prize scholars im sure were like, dude these wizards
ROXY: are vry vry fucking good
ROXY: give them all the awards, then shut down the awards, but not cuz of the looming apocalypse, just cuz u literally cannot do better than these wizards
ROSE: I can live with that.
ROSE: It's always been one of my professional goals to write tales of magical men so provocative, they would cause the permanent and unceremonious dissolution of at least one prestigious award.
ROXY: so yeah i dunno i guess u can see
ROXY: but its a pale ghost of a story compared to ur stuff and its also um kinda weird?
ROSE: I like weird!
ROXY: yeah
ROXY: just... your opinion means a lot to me & im nervous u might think it sucks!
ROSE: But I never even wrote the masterpieces you read.
ROSE: I think you may have a view of my abilities which I haven't earned yet.
ROSE: Really, I'm not that good.
ROSE: I have my own story drafts which you can read if you like.
ROSE: They're nothing special, frankly.
ROXY: o really??
ROXY: aw man ok then that sounds fun! :)

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