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KANAYA: If During Your Manuscript Exchange You Need Someone To Read Over Your Shoulder
KANAYA: To Proofread
KANAYA: To Purge Each Sentence Of Punctuation And Capitalize The First Letter Of Every Word
KANAYA: Id Be Happy To Volunteer
KANAYA: Strictly Professionally Of Course And Not Because I Really Want To Read Your Wizard Things Too
KANAYA: (I Really Want To Read Your Wizard Things Too I Hope Thats Okay)
ROXY: hahaha yeah sure its ok!
ROXY: kanaya sorry me and rose are babbling away here to each other we dont mean to be excluding you
KANAYA: Its Fine I Am Thoroughly Enjoying My Role As A Spectator
KANAYA: I Know That Rose Has Been Looking Forward To This A Lot
KANAYA: And That She Received Similarly Vicarious And Politely Passive Enjoyment From The Interactions I Had With My Ancestor
KANAYA: So Now I Will Just Resume The Politely Passive Part Of It Ha Ha
ROXY: u dont gotta!
ROXY: jump in whenever you feelin it! :D
ROXY: i love meeting new trolls
ROXY: well at least when theyre not evil or somethin
ROXY: love them not evil trolls
ROXY: like the cranky one over there in rad ruby shades
KANAYA: Terezi
ROXY: yeah shes a boss
KANAYA: Thats A Pretty Fair Way To Describe The Attitude Of Anyone Higher Than Me On The Hemospectrum
KANAYA: But Yes You Are Right
ROXY: oh also
ROXY: lest we forget dear fefeta
KANAYA: Fefeta
KANAYA: Do You Mean
KANAYA: Feferi?
ROXY: no fefeta!!!
ROXY: she was a dear precious soul
ROXY: she was my sprite
ROXY: guess she never happened in this version of stuff though?
ROXY: dang
ROXY: thats sad but maybe not quite as sad as her existing then exploding?
ROXY: im confuse
ROXY: wonder what even else is different...
ROSE: Well, you died too.
ROXY: i did?
ROSE: Yes, while pushing me out of the way of a fork.
ROSE: So, thank you for that, retroactively. And... to a different version of you.
ROXY: jeez
ROXY: yeah i... had a really similar thing happen in my timeline...
ROXY: also involving a fork
ROXY: and even tho youre ok now its still almost too sad to even talk about
ROSE: Yeah.
ROSE: We didn't get to exchange even a single word before you were gone.
ROSE: All I could think was, "How can this be happening again?"
ROSE: Luckily the sense of misery was short lived, though.
ROSE: It wasn't long before I was informed the incident was part of something bigger taking shape.
ROSE: And that John was on his way with a different version of you.
ROSE: I had no idea what "a different version" actually entailed, but I wasn't about to quibble.
ROSE: I was so relieved.
ROXY: same
ROXY: altho...
ROXY: instead of waiting for you to come back i had to jump thru all these hoops with john
ROXY: and went through some uh
ROXY: different stuff
ROXY: i uh
ROXY: i MAY have thrown an impromptu funeral for your alt-u dead body :o
ROSE: You did?
ROXY: yup
ROXY: sorry if that sounds weird
ROXY: and i knew i was comin to meet a new version of you
ROXY: but
ROXY: it helped me
ROXY: with like
ROXY: feelings about people i left behind
ROSE: A funeral...
ROSE: Wow, that,
ROSE: Sorry for this, if it comes off as odd, but,
ROSE: That is so "mom" of you.
ROXY: oh yea?
ROSE: M-hm.
ROXY: hehe
ROXY: i like your mom!
ROSE: Me too.

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