[A6A6I5] ====>

ROXY: here comes da lightning
ROXY: u got to imagine it comin out my fingertips
ROXY: wherein i am an almighty wisard
DAVE: ok currently imagining that
DAVE: hmm not bad
DAVE: not bad at all
ROXY: um
ROXY: what
ROXY: is your favorite rap guy
DAVE: thats a dead tie
DAVE: between me and snoop
DAVE: also MAYBE obama but to be fair i dont think he raps irl that is mainly just a headcanon i have about him
DAVE: but come on
DAVE: you werent actually curious about that were you
ROXY: im trying to think of stuff to ask jeez!
ROXY: gimme a sec...
ROXY: kay
ROXY: howwww did
ROXY: you become a god tier
DAVE: rose and i went on a suicide mission piloting a moon through the furthest ring
DAVE: the moon had a cosmic mega nuclear bomb in its core but also our quest beds by surprise
DAVE: when it blew up it created literally the biggest fucking sun in existence which also happened to be the exact same sun we thought we were going out there to destroy
DAVE: but we also died and resurrected as god tiers and i guess due to immortality rose up through the surface of the fuckin sun all glowing green and wearing pajamas and shit
DAVE: why how did you do it
ROXY: god its almost embarrassing to even describe
ROXY: especially compared to that!
DAVE: go on
ROXY: um we all had a hangover from magic candy
ROXY: and woke up on our god slabs
ROXY: and like
ROXY: talked for a while
ROXY: have u ever seen the breakfast club
DAVE: no
ROXY: ok well it was like that
ROXY: but probably shittier
ROXY: then we all sorta randomly died on accident
ROXY: due to surprise villain attacks
DAVE: eh that sounds alright
DAVE: who even cares about having a baller origin story
DAVE: we were just some chumps on a moon being melodramatic and in the process of gettin chumped by an omniscient creep
DAVE: your outfit looks cool at least
ROXY: thanks!
ROXY: k then... next
ROXY: have u
ROXY: ever kissed anybody??
DAVE: what
DAVE: man
DAVE: these questions are taking on a different tenor than the ones i asked you
ROXY: well??
DAVE: um yeah ok i WAS kissed
DAVE: by jade when i was dead
DAVE: so i would come back to life
DAVE: that was like... RIGHT before the moon mission i mentioned
ROXY: o yeah
ROXY: i was corpse smooched once too
DAVE: by who
ROXY: ...
ROXY: hey its still my lightning round!
ROXY: i was askin if YOU ever kissed somebody
ROXY: like awake and alive and on purpose
DAVE: maaan
ROSE: We're waiting, Dave.
DAVE: hey i thought you were just "studying" us!
ROSE: I'm also officiating.
ROSE: I'll have to hold you to the question, or throw a flag.
ROSE: Remember the sports?
ROSE: My, how quickly we forget the sports.
DAVE: no come on
DAVE: i just asked you about nintendo and shit!!
ROXY: ok ok!
ROXY: hahaha :)
ROXY: do youuu
ROXY: like drawin
DAVE: yes
ROXY: comics?
DAVE: yes
ROXY: funny comics??
DAVE: fuck yes
ROXY: about fat assed idiots and jpeg trashloss everywhere
DAVE: fuck fucking yes
ROXY: ok ima admit
ROXY: i have you at a little disadvantage
ROXY: since i know some things about your alt future grownup self
DAVE: like what
ROXY: dont wanna spoil it!
ROXY: theres a better time for that conversation
ROXY: and maybe a better person to have it with than me
DAVE: ...
ROXY: do you like orange soda
DAVE: no
DAVE: hell no
ROXY: then whats your poison
DAVE: aj
ROXY: huh?
DAVE: apple juice
ROXY: thats fuckin cute
DAVE: pretty much
ROXY: have u ever been in love
DAVE: god damn it!

> [A6A6I5] ====>