[A6A6I5] ====>

ROXY: oh my god you cheeky bastard
ROXY: oooomg
DAVE: um
DAVE: what exactly the fuck
ROSE: ...
ROXY: frigglish
ROXY: i cannot believe this
ROXY: you dug up her body!!!!!
ROXY: omg that is SO BAD!
ROXY: but also sweet of you to bring her back but also WOW BAD!!!!!
ROSE: Wait.
ROSE: Dug... up?
ROSESPRITE: I'm a little unclear on that myself.
ROSESPRITE: Jaspers hasn't been especially descriptive.
JASPERSPRITE: Yes both roses i dug you up!
ROSE: From... where?
ROXY: um
ROXY: johns planet
ROXY: remember the funeral i mentioned?
ROXY: frigglish was there too
ROXY: orrr um jaspers?? our dumb departed beautiful idiot cat!!
ROXY: haha i guess i made a novice mistake
ROXY: i turned my back on the body
ROSESPRITE: You had a funeral for me?
ROSESPRITE: That was nice of you.
ROXY: yeah!
ROXY: so um...
ROXY: HI!!!!!
ROXY: wow haha this is confusing!
ROXY: welcome back youre alive again hey come here!
VRISKA: Fucking incredi8le.
VRISKA: Am I the ONLY one here concerned with making sure we don't cre8te freakish mutant people-com8os?!
ROXY: wha
VRISKA: She's only 8een single-prototyped!
VRISKA: Don't go near her.
ROXY: ohhh
ROXY: heh right
VRISKA: It is a8solutely astounding how much you all need me around to keep your shit str8.
VRISKA: Even then it's a constant up hill 8attle to keep you all from fucking up!
VRISKA: I let my guard down for one second and this 8rainless animal wastes one of your precious resurrection slots on someone who's ALREADY ALIVE!
VRISKA: Well, congratul8tions. You're down to one empty kernel.
VRISKA: 8e sure to use it wisely!
VRISKA: Not that there's much hope of that at this point.
VRISKA: See you chumps. I'm out of this convers8tion.

> [A6A6I5] ====>