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JOHN: hey!
JOHN: mr. jake harley i presume?
JAKE: No...?
JAKE: Its english actually.
JAKE: Twas my grandmas surname.
JOHN: oh. my mistake!
JOHN: so then, is it just a coincidence that she had the same name as an invincible super villain?
JOHN: are coincidences even real??
JAKE: I dunno.
JAKE: The history is a little murky to me.
JAKE: I heard she took the name from a nasty fellow to spite a wicked baroness.
JOHN: ok.
JOHN: good to know!
JOHN: it's been interesting to learn how even though we are all pretty similar, we all had a lot of really different life details.
JAKE: I guess so.
JOHN: like, there are all these things i take for granted about jade's childhood, which in theory is similar to yours.
JOHN: but not really... she had a super powerful dog you didn't have. and also a grandpa you couldn't have had, because... that was grown up you!
JOHN: i'd be really curious to hear about all the differences in your life some time, if you don't mind.
JAKE: Sure.
JOHN: hell, i'd be REALLY curious to hear about the differences in my alt-life, so to speak.
JOHN: but jane is asleep!
JOHN: i'm guessing she grew up in a similar situation i did, but with... a bunch of differences???
JOHN: guess i'll just have to wait!
JAKE: Well...
JAKE: She was a good friend.
JAKE: I know lots of stuff about her life.
JAKE: What do you want to know?
JOHN: oh! hmm.
JOHN: let's see.
JOHN: so i was her grandpa, instead of her being my nanna?
JOHN: i'm not sure if that statement made sense, but you know what i mean.
JAKE: Yeah she had a poppop.
JAKE: He was a really funny and beloved old time comedian so i guess that is the guy you grew up to be.
JOHN: cool!
JOHN: i never knew my nanna growing up, except as an urn of ashes above the fireplace.
JOHN: i only met her as a sprite.
JOHN: was i dead? or... was he?
JAKE: Yep but he wasnt ashes they had a different way of preserving him which i think was arguably more dignified.
JOHN: how?
JAKE: Have you seen weekend at bernies?
JOHN: no.
JOHN: i've heard of it though!
JAKE: Oh man you HAVE to see it!
JAKE: Its about a couple of knuckleheads who parade around with a funny corpse trying to pass him off as a living friend and good time charlie over a series of escapades.
JOHN: sounds incredible.
JAKE: I still have it if you want to see it some time.
JOHN: definitely!
JOHN: so you like movies?
JAKE: DO i?????
JOHN: haha, i love movies too.
JOHN: there are a whole bunch i'd want to show you, assuming you haven't seen them already.
JOHN: i love talking about them with people! i think my friends usually just humored me about the movies i liked, but i have a feeling you'd really dig them!
JAKE: Oh i GUARANTEE you i would.
JOHN: awesome, i can't wait to show you some.
JOHN: so... that means jane had an old man corpse version of me around somewhere? like in her house?
JAKE: Yes.
JOHN: ok, that sounds pretty preposterous to me...
JOHN: but i guess she must have grown up thinking it was normal.
JAKE: Not... really. She was always pretty put off by it to be honest.
JOHN: heheh. poor jane.
JOHN: i'll have to apologize to her for freaking her out from beyond the grave.
JOHN: what was her life like otherwise?
JAKE: Pretty typical id say.
JAKE: She always characterized it as boring.
JAKE: But i never agreed really she got to live on the main land with access to all kinds of things i didnt have.
JAKE: Plus she lived with a cool and manly father who cared about her a lot and seemed like a standup gent.
JOHN: oh, she lived with her dad too?
JOHN: do you know anything about him?
JAKE: Not much other than what i just said and a few things she told me.
JAKE: I think he was stern and fatherly and dressed well if memory serves he was a private detective at one point.
JOHN: a private detective???
JOHN: wow.
JOHN: it sounds like he must have been a completely different kind of dad from the one i had.
JOHN: all these differences are so interesting... some are subtle, but some are drastic, like this one apparently is.
JOHN: it would be neat to meet him.
JOHN: i mean, not that it would be much of a substitute for getting to see my dad again, since they're totally different people, but...
JOHN: you know what i mean.
JOHN: do you know what happened to him?
JAKE: Im not sure i kinda lost track of him for a while...
JAKE: I think he might be in jail?
JOHN: jail??
JAKE: Yeah on derse.
JAKE: I THINK. I could be wrong though.
JOHN: i'll make a mental note to check on him some time soon.
JOHN: i bet jane would want to too, when she wakes up. i'll ask her about it.
JAKE: Good idea!

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