[A6A6I5] ====>

VRISKA: Ok, let's say Team Condesce is good enough for now, with John, Rose and Roxy.
VRISKA: Next foe: Dog Jack.
VRISKA: Like I said, we're 8anking on the prospitian keeping him 8usy, so he's not an immedi8te 8attle priority.
VRISKA: We won't design8 a team for him right now.
VRISKA: 8UT, as I mentioned, in the event Jade wakes up for some reason, she should 8e reserved exclusively for this fight.
VRISKA: That means someone needs to tell her, if not in person, then some other way.
VRISKA: Perhaps leave a reminder for her. May8e tied to her finger or something. :::;)
VRISKA: Others can join the fight against him if need 8e, once their targets have 8een dealt with.
VRISKA: Until then, 8etter to let the heavy hitters keep him in check.

> [A6A6I5] ====>