[A6A6I5] ====>

VRISKA: Ok! That little point of 8usiness is done.
VRISKA: Thanks for 8earing with me. Executing this whole strategy has turned out to 8e a really am8itious project!
MEENAH: nice watch dealie
MEENAH: how much that worth
VRISKA: How much?
VRISKA: I have no idea. I guess it depends on a lot of things, like the units of currency, the presumption of an actual market for it, its scarcity... honestly I just alchemized the thing quite easily, and some8ody else pro8a8ly could too.
MEENAH: god dammit that answer was too complicated
MEENAH: got a fuckin professor of economics over here
VRISKA: Are you saying you want to 8uy my spider watch??
MEENAH: na serk
MEENAH: spider swag aint my kettle of fish
VRISKA: I didn't think so!
VRISKA: Anyway, like I was saying, that takes care of that.
VRISKA: At this point I think we could use a de8riefing. Would you care to do the honors?
VRISKA: Regarding the mission you were previously involved with, which I can only presume gradually fizzled out.
VRISKA: Securing this weapon, searching for a lost cheru8, and raising an army to defeat Lord English?
MEENAH: ooh right
MEENAH: T)(AT old thing
MEENAH: yeah i can debrief
MEENAH: i aint much a storyteller tho
MEENAH: much to the lament of my former bestie
VRISKA: That's fine!
VRISKA: I don't need you to dazzle me here.
VRISKA: I just want the fucking scoop.
MEENAH: thats why youre the top serk 38)
MEENAH: .........
MEENAH: can i ask a kinda personal question
MEENAH: i mean not even that personal but whatev
VRISKA: Sure...?
MEENAH: how old are you
VRISKA: Almost seven and a half sweeps.
VRISKA: Getting close to eight!!!!!!!!
VRISKA: I pro8a8ly sound like a fucking nerd, 8ut I've 8een excited a8out reaching that milestone pretty much my whole life.
MEENAH: 7.5 huh
MEENAH: i guess thats a lil more respectable
VRISKA: More respecta8le than what?
MEENAH: nofin
MEENAH: change of subject
MEENAH: that old ass mission...

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