[A6A6I5] ====>

MEENAH: so yeah we all piled in a damn pirate ship and sailed around the ring in this huge circle
MEENAH: english followed us and wrecked shit as he went
MEENAH: that helped us chart a path to the treasure somehow
MEENAH: like using black maps and junk
MEENAH: with like
MEENAH: cartographic calculations and scopes and fuckin sextants and whatnot
MEENAH: im not even sure how but that weird ass idea actually worked
MEENAH: we found the treasure
MEENAH: well YOU did
MEENAH: but you were also kinda goin nuts and driving everyone away from the crew
MEENAH: i stuck around though cause i didnt give a flying glub
MEENAH: aranea bailed though
MEENAH: she caught wind of that magic ring and i guess it got to her
MEENAH: the delusions of grandeur about being alive again and doing relevant shit
MEENAH: so she ollied out and stole it and made the most embarrassing mess of things i ever heard of anyone doin ever
MEENAH: she totally failed in whatever she was trying to do
MEENAH: got the ring ganked from her then died again
MEENAH: i never saw or heard from her ever since and tbh i dont really want to
MEENAH: that left just me and you
MEENAH: well OT)(-ER you
MEENAH: tryin to figure out what to do with this deadly box a treasure
MEENAH: basically we couldnt decide on anything
MEENAH: and were feelin pretty flat on the plan overall
MEENAH: so we just gave up and wandered off to do other shit for a while
MEENAH: and you... i mean she...
MEENAH: mellowed WAY the fuck out
MEENAH: which was actually sorta cool for a bit but also sorta...
MEENAH: k never mind that
MEENAH: we just kept bubble hopping for i dont even know how long
MEENAH: which got uh
MEENAH: reely boring after a while 38\
MEENAH: i never had the thump tortoise to tell her though
MEENAH: uh i mean until now
MEENAH: in fact i pretty much just forgot about the whole plan until you showed up
MEENAH: you made it sound pretty cool again so i was like
MEENAH: yeah im on board
MEENAH: and thats bassically the whole story
MEENAH: yeah...
MEENAH: and that "lost cherub" part of the plan
MEENAH: afaik that was a bogus red distraction fish and she probably dont matter at all
MEENAH: guess thats everything

> [A6A6I5] ====>