[A6A6I5] ====>

VRISKA: Good recap!
VRISKA: At least you 8oth had the presence of mind to hang on to the weapon.
VRISKA: Now it's up to us to use it.
VRISKA: What a8out this army though?
VRISKA: It still sounds like an important part of the plan to me.
VRISKA: Having just the two of us walk str8 up to Lord English, cold go88lefiend... that sounds like a recipe for disaster, weapon or no weapon.
VRISKA: An army of ghosts throwing everything they've got at him sounds like a gr8 strategy.
VRISKA: Like, a sort of 8uffer, giving us a little space to get ready to deploy the weapon when he seems vulnera8le.
MEENAH: yeah that makes sense
VRISKA: Do you think we pick that up where we left off?
MEENAH: dunno
MEENAH: that was one of the things that made us wonder if it was even worth bothering anymore
MEENAH: it was mostly this whole mind control stunt
MEENAH: apparently aranea was towing most of the load there???
MEENAH: then she peaced the hell out and got owned
VRISKA: I see.
VRISKA: Then yeah, this is going to 8e a little trickier than I thought.
VRISKA: Why don't we 8rainstorm on it for a while?
MEENAH: aight

> [A6A6I5] ====>