GA: Oh
GA: A While Ago
TT: Before you first contacted me?
GA: I Have To Confess That
GA: Ive Been Experiencing Something Like
GA: Impression Whiplash
GA: Since That Time
TT: What do you mean?
GA: At First I Thought You Were Foolish And Incompetent
TT: My apologies for whatever misstep I may have taken to dispel that impression.
TT: It was an honest mistake, I swear.
GA: You See Thats What Im Talking About
GA: That Was A Very Snarky Remark That Happened Just Now
GA: Stratified By Your Signature Varieties Of Insincerity Which Cut Through The Literal Meaning Of The Statement Like Colorful Ribbons
GA: And The Net Intent Is Something Maddening To Try To Know
GA: Its Meaning I Think Exists At The Inscrutable Nexus Of Semantic Space Where Humor Chafes Against Soft Malice
GA: A Place Perhaps The Human Mind Occupies More Comfortably I Dont Know
GA: Xenopsychology Isnt My Strong Suit
GA: Or Even A Real Word
TT: ...
GA: Uh Yeah I Know Im Babbling Again
GA: The Point Is Its Not The Type Of Behavior A Very Stupid Person Can Perpetrate
GA: And So My Impression Has Thrashed Around From Conversation To Conversation
GA: And Now
GA: Rather Than Suspecting You Of Incompetence
GA: I Have Begun To Fear Just The Opposite
GA: I Think You Might Be Dangerous
TT: To whom?
GA: Maybe Not Knowing That Is What Really Bothers Me
GA: Why Dont You Put The Turtle Ruins Down
GA: And Return To Your House
GA: I Have Sketched Some New Outfits For You That I Think Are Nice
GA: We Could Try To Make Them
GA: It Will Be Fun
TT: You seem to have taken quite an interest in my wardrobe decisions.
TT: Are all trolls so fashion-minded?
GA: Urrgh No
GA: Sadly
TT: Maybe later.
GA: What If There Isnt A Later
TT: Well, we already know there won't be.
TT: That's nothing new.
GA: I Mean
GA: There Not Being A Later Might Happen Sooner Than You Think
TT: Wow, what?
GA: I Mean
GA: For You Specifically
GA: Okay
GA: This Was Something Else I Wanted To Say
GA: Or Ask About
GA: But Im Afraid My Asking Might Play A Role In The Outcome
GA: And I Dont Know If I Want That

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