TT: That's good.
TG: no it was disturbing
TG: so i slapped my shades back on
TG: went and perved up some sleeping girls room to take my mind of it
TT: It means they're reaching out to you.
TG: oh god why would i want that
TG: im not about to get molested by calamari with fucking teeth
TG: use your powers and like
TG: stroke a mummys paw or some horseshit and open a dark channel
TG: tell them to keep their lecherous flagella to themselves
TT: You're going to have to help them.
TT: Even if you don't like them.
TT: They're being massacred.
TT: Presently, already, and still to come.
TG: whats that mean
TT: It means time doesn't work rationally out there.
TT: Nor does space.
TT: But that doesn't change the reality of the threat.
TG: who cares if theyre getting killed
TG: theyre hideous and obnoxious
TT: You're underestimating the nature of the threat.
TT: At this point, the threat isn't to our session, or any given universe.
TT: It's to the perpetuation of reality itself.
TT: You wouldn't be saving them, per se.
TT: You'd be saving everything.
TG: oh ok cool

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