EB: i know, right?
EB: /rolls eyes
EB: he is just this silly guy i met when i woke up here.
EB: he seemed to be curious about me and followed me around for a while.
EB: also, i noticed he was wearing my bedsheet.
GG: haha! what is he doing with that!
EB: i don't know, there seems to be this whole cult full of people who worship my ghost sheets.
EB: i ran into a bunch of them in a salamander village, they are all completely ridiculous.
EB: so i guess he is a member of the cult?
GG: probably!
GG: you are just going to have to deal with the fact that you are becoming a famous hero john, and people everywhere will idolize you
EB: derp! they aren't idolizing ME, it's my dumb bedsheets they love!
EB: it's so stupid.
EB: also, another thing about him...
EB: he has the queen's ring!
GG: :o
GG: thats great! john you have to get that ring from him!
EB: i've tried! i asked him politely for it and everything.
EB: but he is very protective of it!
GG: hmmmmmmmmmm
GG: that is a problem!
EB: actually, i think it's ok.
EB: i think he is supposed to keep it.
GG: you do?
EB: yes. once i saw something in the clouds.
EB: it was hard to tell what was going on, but i saw him!
EB: im pretty sure it was the future, and he had the ring, and...
GG: and what?
EB: and then the cloud stopped showing me.
EB: but i am pretty sure that some day...
EB: he will have to wear it!
GG: 8O
EB: so i think i will just let him keep it.
EB: for some reason, i trust him.
GG: ok john.....
GG: i trust you
GG: so i will trust in your trust in him
EB: yeah, trust all around!
GG: im going to be a supportive piece of shit all day and fall down all this trust!
EB: how trustworthy do you even have to BE to CONFIDE in someone like that.
GG: lol
EB: anyway, i guess that's enough of that nonsense.
EB: i should keep looking for my dad!
EB: maybe if i fly around in this car with this guy beeping here, the noise will get his attention and he will find me.
GG: john, i already found your dad!

> ==>