[S][o] Tick. Tock.

AG: Nothing too glorious a8out the way you just died, I 8et.
AG: Let me guess, even after all my lessons, you allowed yourself to get sucker sta88ed, right? Pretty lame!
AG: I mean, lucky for you it was lame. I guess 8eing lame pays off when dying a hero's what gets you killed.
AG: If our Hero of 8reath reached god tier, he would have 8een completely indestructi8le! Lol.
AG: Damn, I forgot, I was going to stop ripping on that guy, since he got sta88ed through the chest and died. Haha, whoops.
AG: Anyway, I figure you're pro8a8ly safe from a just death too, since I'm pretty sure you haven't done anything all that despica8le.
AG: Yet. ::::)

> [o] Stop.